The Real Whizzinator, What You Need to Know

18 Dec

The term real Whizzinator is used to refer to a special device that has been designed and developed for the purpose of urinating. The Real Whizzinator device usually looks and feels like a flaccid male genitals in the real world. Usually, the Whizzinator is usually advertised as one of this product that are used during the wet sex simulation. The device has a primary use which includes the simulation of the male urination which is considered as an alternative which is safer to using the real urine for the purpose of sexual fetish. Despite this being the primary use of the Real Whizzinator device, most of the individuals usually purchase it fraudulently. One of the reason behind this use by most of the individuals is to beat the drug tests. 

Usually, the Whizzinator comes as a kit. In this case, the Whizzinator kit usually comes with a number of accompaniments. First, the Whizzinator comes with a pack of dry urine plus a syringe. The kit also includes the heating packs which are used for the purpose of keeping the dried urine at the normal temperatures of the body. A false male genitals is also included in the Real Whizzinator kit. The false male genitals usually comes with a number of skin tones. This includes the white skin tone, the tan, the black, brown and the Latino skin tones. Lastly, the kit comes with a manual which gives the instructions on how to use the real Whizzinator devices. 

As earlier indicated, the Whizzinator is mostly used by the individuals who finds themselves in a situation which calls for urine drug testing and they want to deceive such test as they have little chance of passing it. For that purpose, the real Whizzinator XXX is designed in a way that will adapt almost every situation. This enables one to achieve great results. There are a number of benefits that one may enjoy by using the real Whizzinator.

 One is that the device is easy to use. This is so since the device comes with synthetic urine even one purchases it at the first time. It is also accompanied with a bag which one fills with the synthetic urine easily. The device is also considered to be efficient. This is so since the kit is accompanied with the necessary features and accessories which ensures that the synthetic urine mimics the natural human urine. This includes the pH value, the acidity and the smell of the urine. This is what then increases the chances of one passing the urine drug testing.

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